45 Ahad Ha`am St. Tel Aviv-Yafo – “Tsiporen House”

“Tsiporen House”, named after the Tsiporen family, was built in 1925 as a ‘charming home’ at the corner of Ahad Ha`am and Nahmani streets. Its location on the street corner, its size and shape provided a somewhat ‘classical atmosphere’ to its surroundings.
In the mid-1940s, the building was purch ased and managed by “Ma`on Ltd”, which was a firm for building management. In 1944, the firm planned to demolish the building and to build a larger one instead, but the plan was never realized.
In 1978, the building was sold to “Hasneh” Insurance Company, which never used it, leaving it abandoned until 1985, at which time it was ‘saved from desolation’ by the Tsiporen family, who bought it.
The Tsiporen family did renovations in two stages: from 1987-1989, the porches were closed off and significant alternations were made in the interior. In 1999, the plaster was removed from the entire building’s façade, which was repainted in various colors.

Project Description:
A residential structure for preservation with a total area of 1,200 sqm. – part of a larger project having a total area of 4,600 sqm.
This project includes: the planning of the preservation of the main building together with a new building, work to be done jointly with Barre Levie Architects, who will plan the new building; the procurement of special permits for work to be done inside the structure; and the issuing of detailed tenders for the jobs in the interior.

Project initiation year: 2011
Project Initiator: Lenox Investments Ltd.
Project Manager: Efrati Madpis Project Man

Photographer: Avi Levy