96 Ha-Yarkon St. , Tel Aviv – The Reisfeld House

The Reisfeld House was planned by architect Pinchas Bijonsky (1885-1992) and built in 1935. The house was built according to the International Style (Bauhaus) which was very widespread in Tel Aviv at that time. The building is compose from three wings: two lateral wings and one in the rear. This form created an inner courtyard accessible from Ha-Yarkon St. All wings have separate stairways and the laterals are characterized by rounded porches, which grant the building its unique character, making it one of the landmarks of International Style architecture in Israel.
Project Description:
The work was done in partnership with Bar Orian Architects and included: the preservation of the western lateral wings; the restoration of the central rear wing and the excavation of two basement floors underneath it; as well as the addition of five newly-built floors at the rear (eastern part) of the building.

Project initiation: 2009
Project completion: 2012
Project Initiator: Faire Fund
Project management: Faire Fund