35 Lilienblum Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffo – “Bachar House”

The ” Bachar House” was planned by architect Yehuda Leib Magidovich, who also was the first municipal engineer of the city of Tel Aviv in the years 1920-1923. His work as an architect in Tel Aviv covered the period of 1920’s and 1930’s. The Bachar House was planned for the Bachar Family in the late 1922. Its location at the corner of Nahalat Binyamin and Lilienblum Streets emphasizes the importance of this particular building in Eclectic Style inspired by the Romantic Architecture currents. The building also reflects a certain influence of the Moorish Style, also used by Magidovich in other buildings he had planned across Tel Aviv.
In addition to residences, the building also served various other functions. Changes that were made in its external appearance and internal division, caused by the fire in the nearby “Zim” building, created its shape and look during the years before restoration. Many years later the building was used as the central branch of the “Mizrahi Bank” and in the early 1990’s, within the frames of repairs and expansions (building additions on its roof), its envelope was restored, together with many other changes, not necessarily matching the original.



Project Description:
The current conservation effort was part of a large-scope project which included the building of a 27-storey office tower, planned by the architect Moshe Zur, and its connection by a glass atrium, constituting the entrance lobby into the new tower and enveloping the northern part of the Bachar House. The first stage consisted of planning and execution of a complex engineering operation that included dismantling and removal of the floor that was added later and restoring the building to its original form. The second stage featured planning and execution of restoration works and meticulous conservation based on tracking and studying of the works accomplished by architect Yehuda Magidovich. The new wing, remaining in the plans from the 1990’s’, was covered
by dark terracotta tiles to show its distinction from the original conserved structure



Project Initiation: 2009
Project Completion: 2013
Project Initiatior: “Aviv Group”
Project Manager: Eng. Yair Zabari
Tower Architect: Moshe Zur Architects