20 Ahad Ha`am St, Tel Aviv-Yafo – The Pollack House Courtyard

The “Pollack Courtyard” is located near the A. A. Pollack House at 20 Ahad Ha`am St – one of the first buildings of “Ahuzat Bayit”. At the center of this historic courtyard, planned in the spirit of Tel Aviv’s 1920s, stands a kiosk – a round wooden structure. For most of its existence, this structure housed a typewriter repair shop owned by the Chelnick family, who lived in the building. Over the years, the courtyard was neglected and fell into disuse.
Project description:
The objective of this project was to convert the courtyard and its structures into a restaurant. The new planning retained the original elements; the original show-windows facing the street were preserved and restored. The kiosk, which had for many years suffered from insufficient maintenance, required basic restoration by wood preservation experts; even the old trees were cared for and rehabilitated. After the preservation work was completed, both the structure and the courtyard reflected almost all the original architectural planning
Today, due to work being done on the building, both the courtyard and the structure are gone.
Project initiation year: 2000
Project completion: 2001
Project Initiator: private