9 Gordon St., Tel Aviv-Yafo – The Zharsky House

This building was built in 1935 in International Style following plans by architect Dov Carmeli. The building, occupying two adjacent lots, contains two stairways sharing a single entrance lobby. The façades are minimalistic and clean; the interiors are spacious and have high ceilings.



Project Description:
This project included the preservation of the building’s envelope and stairwells, as well as the addition of two new residential floors set farther back on the roof. The construction included the preservation of all the envelope details; those that had not endured due to the considerable erosion caused by the proximity to the sea, were restored. The work included: concrete restoration, restoration of porch banisters, the reconstruction of lime-based plaster, restoration of the clay ventilation pipes on the porches, and the preservation and restoration of the windows, doors and wooden shutters.
The newest additions included spacious apartments planned for maximal exposure to the sea panorama. These apartments are characterized by large openings covered by external awnings made of white concrete beams and wooden planks.
In order to adapt the building to modern living standards, parking spaces were added around the back, as well as elevators, a fire-extinguishing system and conduits for technological systems.



Project initiation year: 1997
Project completion: 2002

Project Initiator: Private