90 ha-Yarkon St., Tel Aviv-Yafo – The Schick House

The Schick House, facing the Mediterranean Sea, located at the corner of Bugrashov and ha-Yarkon streets, was planned according to the International Style by architect Avraham Kabiri for the Schick family. This is a residential building built in 1934-35; in 1937, the ground floor was converted into a restaurant/coffee shop.
The building’s location, facing the shoreline, only adds to its importance as a part of Tel Aviv’s façade, as seen from both the land and the sea.

Project Description:
This project was based on a local urban plan which had cancelled a prior expropriation made in order to widen the nearby road, thus enabling the preservation of this house.
The building was in very poor physical condition, mainly due to its proximity to the sea and a chronic lack of maintenance.
The coffee shop on the ground floor was restored to its original condition; the two floors above it were prepared as residential apartments. The addition of two floors on top of this preservation-designated building provided the economical funding that financed the elaborate preservation process.

Project initiation: 2002
Project completion: 2010

Project Initiator: private
Project Manager: Yossi Sapir