19 Yavneh St., Tel Aviv-Yafo – The Tversky House

The Tversky House is a 2-storey residential building that was planned and built in 1924/25 by architect Yaakov Schwartz. The building was planned in an Eclectic Style, characteristic of Tel Aviv in the 1920s. The building plan is symmetrical and, like many other buildings from that period, the design of the main façade is rich in decorations made of pre-fabricated concrete elements, as well as carpentry work of the highest quality. The side and rear façades are simpler in their designs.
Since the 1920s, this building barely had any external changes or additions, except for several tiny alterations of the main façade.

Project Description:
The structure was converted into an office building while carefully preserving all the decorative elements of the façade, as well as its symmetric plan and the stairwell.
Parking places were built at the rear of the house, inside a new basement especially excavated for this purpose underneath the back courtyard.

Project initiation: 2007
Project completion: 2010
Project Initiator: private