65 Shelomoh HaMelekh St., Tel Aviv – Yafo – The Rosenzweig House

The structure was erected by Yitzhak Rosenzweig in the years 1936-37 as part of the Elishar-Slonim neighborhood, planned by architect Yehiel Avrahami.
This structure is located at the corner of 65 Shelomoh ha-Melekh and Mendelsohn streets. It was declared a building for strictly-regulated preservation, as part of the Tel Aviv Preservation Plan, 2650 B.
The structure was built according to the International Style, with all its characteristic features: a raised first floor on pillars, thermometer window, open balconies and an awning on the roof.


Project Description:
The preservation work includes the demolition of various additions, the re-planning of the existing apartments and the renewal of all the electromechanical systems in the building, the construction of a penthouse, the restoration of the building’s façades, the installation of elevators and the preservation of the stairways. The interior design was planned by architect Ofir Assias, in the spirit of the International Style era.


Project initiation: 2009

Project completion: 2014

Project management: Yael Schneideman