9 Sha`arei Nikanor St., Jaffa

Background :
The building at Sha`arei Nikanor st. at the corner of Shmu’el Ben `Adiyah St. was designated by the TelAviv-Yafo Municipality as a residential building for preservation. It was built in the second half of the 19th century as a typical Arab urban residential structure, of the ‘house with a central space’-type, more commonly known as a ‘Lebanese house’. Originally, the building stood outside the city walls and was surrounded by gardens and orchards, but over the time other buildings were around it, creating the northern Ajami neighborhood.


Project Description:
The guiding planning principle was the restoration of the structure with all its historic qualities and its transformation into a high-class residential building with seven residential units, public spaces and other technical areas. The main effort of the preservation work was concentrated in the central space that grants the building its unique character and on the various architectonic elements, mainly the original ones made from wood and marble.
In order to provide a similar, special character to the residential units as well, all of them were divided into two levels, with the living room towering at a double height, with an open kitchen plan; the apartments enjoy abundant light and open onto porches facing the sea.


Project initiation year: 1997
Project year: 2000

Project Initiator: Naaman Eitan Company