117 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv-Yafo

This structure is located in the northern part of Rothschild Blvd., at the corner of Bar Ilan St. (formerly known as Lebanon St.).
The building was erected by Zion Aharonovitch in 1933-34 and was planned by architect Yitzhak Rappaport based on International Style principles.
With the construction was completed, the building was sold to Nahum Yoelson, whose heirs still retain ownership today.
Over the years, this building underwent few initiated changes and retained its original appearance. Except for the wear caused by time and neglect, the façades remained largely as they were originally. The structure has two stairwells with a thermometer window running along its entire length, as well as open porches facing Rothschild Blvd. and Bar Ilan St.


Project Description:
The work includes: the renovation and upgrading of the existing apartments; the preservation of the building’s façades and stairwells; making the apartments more accessible by adding elevator shafts alongside the stairways; and the installation of wood and metal details, restored similarly to the original items that had been in the building.
Future plans also include an automatic underground parking lot in the courtyard.


Project initiation: 2010

Project Manager: Boaz Michaeli