46 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv-Yafo – The “Levine House”

The Levine House was built in 1924 by architect Yehuda Magidovich for Zvi Yaacov Levine and his family. According to the main design concept, the building was supposed to create a sort of urban estate. The yard contained graduated terraces of vegetation and a fish pond, and separates the residential building, the carriage house and the green garden from the clamor of the neighboring streets. The building was built in the fashion of vacation homes, popular in late 19th century Italy, with some neoclassical influences – mainly in the architectural details.


Project Description:
This preservation effort was part of an extensive project that included the erection of a 22-storey office tower (Elrov Tower). The first phase included an unprecedented engineering operation in which the original building was disconnected from its foundations and transferred to a new system of foundations, in order to enable the excavation and construction of a 7-floor underground parking lot (under the existing building). The second phase included the planning and execution of meticulous restoration and preservation works designed to restore the building to its original condition. Until several years ago, the building was being used by the Sotheby Company to conduct public art auctions. The company used two floors of the structure for offices and meeting rooms, while the upper basement, under the preserved building, was used for various events and as a public auction venue. At present, the building is being used by the “Heseg Fund.”


Project initiation year: 1992
Project completion: 1997
Project Initiator: El-Rov Company
Tower Architect: Yaski-Sivan Architects
Project Manager: Eng. Moshe Lanenberg