Kfar Saba – Master plan for conservation

Kfar Saba was founded in 1903 and was the first Jewish settlement in the Sharon. The city’s conservation master plan defines the conservation instructions for the built heritage sites located within the city’s limits and the statutory tools for the fulfillment of this objective, by setting a list of valuable structures, sites and compounds in the city.
Our office conducted a historic and physical survey of the city, including documentation/literature survey, review of existing photographs and historic maps, as well as an extensive field work. All the materials were concentrated in a detailed report and a card index, all according to the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior regarding preliminary documentation.
This research work revealed the following conservation values, to be expressed in the future conservation efforts:
1. First days of the Kfar Saba settlement – the first Zionist settlement enterprise in the Southern Sharon region.
2. The settlement as a refuge for the WWI exiles.
3. The “mother” of kibbutz cores and orchard farms in the 1920’s and 1930’s, constituting an urban support center.
4. An evidence of the strong connection between agricultural prospering of the orchard branch and the development of the Jewish settling (“Yishuv”) between the two World Wars from rural into urban settlement.


Ordering client: Kfar Saba Municipality