The Gospel Trail in –Galilee and the northern part of the Sea of Galilee

Project Description:
“The Gospel Trail in the Galilee” is a track designed for a trip connecting religious and ritual sites, historical and archeological sites as well as the landscape and various cultures in the Galilee. The track was planned with special care for the needs of Christian pilgrims, as well as a “different trip” experience for the benefit of Israeli visitors and tourist interested in experiencing the Galilee.
The route starts in the city of Nazareth, descends to the Sea of Galilee and encircles it until its end in Tiberius. In order to enrich the visitors’ experience, the track offers walking lanes, driving roads or riding routes, for a rich and fascinating encounter with the Galilee and its inhabitants, their past and their beliefs. The project began with the delineation of the route, and two sites along it were planned: exposing and conserving a segment of a Roman road near the Golani Junction, and conserving the fountain structure in Zipori.



Work ordered by:
The Israel Government Tourist Corporation.

Planning managers:
Mr. Avi’ad Sar-Shalom-first stage;
The Israel Land Administration-second stage.

Landscape Planning: in cooperation with Architect Eitan Eden and Architect Sivan Simon