Architectural Documentation File and Researchs

Documentation file is a detailed document containing the whole complex of historic-cultural and architectural information about the site, from general level to the building’s specifics, detailed materials, construction technologies, etc.

The documentation file is designated to assist the planner from the stage of detailed planning to actual execution, and help the planning institutions from issuing the building permit, throughout the supervision phases, to the procurement of the completion building certificate.

Example: Documentation File | 65 Shlomo Hamelech, Tel AvivThis work constitutes a historic and architectural documentation of the Rosenzweig House, 65 Shlomo Hamelech St., c. Mendelsohn St. in Tel Aviv, which was declared as a building designated for conservation under strict limitations.
The House was erected in 1936-7 as a part of the "Elishar-Slonim" Neighborhood by Israel-Yitzhak Rosenzweig. The planning was prepared by architect Yehiel Avrahami.
The building has three floors above a partial floor dug as a basement.
The objective of this work is to document the building's history, its various parts and the changes done in it during the years. The documentation contains background description of the period it was built in, its urban and architectural context, description of the building and its physical features and its history.
In addition to the textual part, the documentation work includes historic photographs and current condition shots of the building, designated to enrich the written descriptions and illustrate their contents. The plans and drawings also include documentation of the typical architectural details, such as windows, doors, bannisters, etc.
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